4. 10 years went really fast!

12th of October 2008 was our first date, and after that, things move quite smoothly. We spent the year in Madrid, 2008 to 2009, as Primoz closed his law degree during the Erasmus and I finalized my Masters.

We were both students, poor like rats, not linked to any obligations. We went out, made life-long friends, and have an enormous amount of fun, together. 

It was also clear it was not a realistic life, and by the end of the period some major life changes were due. University was done, at least for me. Once the summer arrive, Primoz needed to come back to Slovenia, and we were trying to find a solution for the coming autumn. The day we had to say goodbye at Madrid airport was horrible, sad and full of tears. We knew that we wanted to be together, but no idea how.

As I had lived 2 years previously in Germany, consideration over several Universities around the country was given. Finally Primoz got admitted to do a Master in Economics in . That was it, we were moving to Berlin and moving together, quite a change as in Madrid we did have our own apartments!

It was scary, it was challenging, but it was worth every effort we put in. From a social perspective, we met a group of friends that today are a second family, and who we meet really often and are totally a support net. Specially important for me (Pablo) is Alberto, in stripped jersey, and Martina (right corner) is Primoz Slovenian anchor in Berlin:

Some of our closest friends, old house, Jan 18

After a couple of years jobs start to get better, but is always good to look back to the origins, as per below our first apartment 2009 with no furniture for some weeks…

First week in Berlin, October 2009, first apartment…

In 2019 we moved to new, bigger one with an extra room so we are all ready to received a new little one in the house. The area now is full of new families, with plenty of kids and schools around us.

During all these years we have traveled the world and discovered amazing places, being our total favorite once so far Iceland. But Italy, Vietnam, New York, Chile, Greece… all those places have a place today in our minds. Vietnam, for instance, was an amazing adventure…

There has not been once we split or stop being together in all this time. We do know we love each other and we respect each other fully. We believe every member of the couple needs to have own spaces so we can come together in the shared ones. We have supported each other development and endorse common decisions. We have done that because we share a lot of common values that help to fund our love and relationship. We are now taking the most challenging and difficult one of our life, however also the most rewarding.