5. What do we stand for:

Being part of a minority comes, in many cases, with the need of asking and wondering about the world and society we have around us. It is only fair to say that even when we do understand the world is sometimes not a fair place, we do need to stay honest to ourselves and preserve our own fairness. 

We believe everybody is equal at born and worth the same respect disregards any but or conditions. Being said that, we also believe we need to give the best of us and make efforts to be a better version of ourselves. If a person is trying and giving its best, all support is to be given, but we do not deal really well with extended laziness. Netflixing some Sundays is totally fine, but assuming life is granted and everything comes for free is not our way. 

We do not believe in social inequality or concentration of richness. Welfare state, networks of support maintained trough correct taxation, are key to preserve a balanced society where everybody can be integrated and get the opportunities she or he deserves. 

Berlin Pride 2010

We believe in feminism and total equality of opportunities. Personally in my team (Pablo) I have the same number of women and men, and I absolute endorse, respect and support the needs of those having children. 

It was also clear that the desire of extending our family could not come at the cost of exploiting women. That is why for us only Canada provides the legal framework where we can be totally sure that, the women potentially reading these lines and considering to help us, are free in will, mind and body and no economic circumstances are playing a major role. Any other country, such as Mexico or Thailand, was not an option as far as women rights were not totally granted. 

Berlin Pride 2010