3. Pablo

My complete Name is Pablo Gonzalez Torres and I was born in a Monday, 23rd of May, 1983. I am 37 years old as of now.

I do love to learn new things. I speak German and English on top of my mother tong Spanish, and have studied a bunch of things (Bachelor in Natural Science, but also a Bachelor in Finance, Programming bootcamps.. I am a bit crazy about learning!)

I was born in the small city of Aviles, North of Spain, and I attended there all my school and High school years. I had a really happy childhood being my parents Olga & Jose, who are now happy enjoying his early sixties travelling when they can, if work & Cov19 allows.

Recent goodbye picture at the airport..not nice moment but there is always a comeback!

My mother is the most caring, full of empathy and smart person I have met in my life. She cares so deeply for the family, that also she can get really frustrated when people can not read what the other people feel. From her I have learnt how important is to understand other sides point, to embrace empathy as a life style and to reflect on how our actions can massively impact other people. She will make a wonderful grandmother, I have no doubt about it. She works in the City Library, her dream job as she loves books and reads every single day.

My father is wise, calm, full of love and tolerance, extremely open minded. He loves to do Yoga and sing in a Choir. He has done the Santiage pilgrenage 4 times, more than focused on the religious experience has to do with walking in the nature and connecting his mind to other people. I have never seen him angry or violent, and from him I also learnt the house is a thing of 2, and to deal with frustration trough patient and tolerance. He will be the one absolutely spoiling his grandchildren. 

Both were left-Christians activists during the fall of the Spanish dictatorship and today we are still a family that can discuss hours over lunch on politics and social affairs. They thought me to read the newspaper when I was around 5, and the message was always clear. Think for yourself

Since really little my parents encourage me to be independent and daring, focus on reading and discovering new things, making friends but also learning to be alone. My mother had problems during my delivery and getting a brother or a sister was not option for us. It did not stop me for being, as Primoz sometimes says, über-social, and making tons of friends. 

5 years old, the one in red, always fooling a picture…

From my childhood I remember the pleasure of discovery, reading, and learning. I am extremely passionate about learning new things, new cultures, languages… everything that helps to open our mind and embrace the diversity of the world. And I want that a child of my own finds an environment where love and the foster for self being are the key elements. But in point 6 are plenty of many more details around that. 

I still have 2 living grandmas and my mother has a sister, who had a child 12 years ago, when I was already 25, Marta. She is more my n niece than my cousin and I enjoy very much spending time with them every time I fly back home. Some years in few minutes…

After high school and with quite a good grades, I enrolled myself for the medicine school, but it was too much for me, so I finally went for Natural sciences and Academia. Adulthood is an unknow road and I actually ended up working in IT, then leading an IT team and nowadays I am the Head of Data in the company were I work, leading a big team. Making the team work together and having a good time is my daily motto and a reason as well to get up in the morning.

I love to spend time with my family and thereby I tried to fly back home at least 4 times a year, what sometimes may be challenging, but I can accommodate Home Office quite easily and it has been worked for the last couple of years.

Besides my kin family, there are several people on my life that I got to know over the years but there is one who has contributed massively to shape also who I am. My best friend Maria, today living in Spain. We got to know each other cos we were couple the first 2 years of university. Even if when time life shown me that was not the kind of love I was aiming for, we were so connected that we never stop being friends. When I moved to Germany first time in 2006, she moved in with me, and when I came back to Spain, Madrid, in 2008, I did the same with her. We have been always supporting each other and in the future I want her, as I do not have brother or sisters, to play a fundamental role in the life of the child. She is capable of staying optimistic and good-mood even if all bad is coming her way. She is humble, passionate, funny, and a fantastic cooker. She is totally a role model to incorporate in our life, and we visit each other at least twice per year. 

Maria last visit  to Berlin in July 2018

For fun I still love to read science fiction books, spend time with Primi travelling around, a good dinner with friends, cooking, using my Thermomix… I am also a total geek and love computers, the Internet technologies and keep on learning, as my obsession with studies.  

On Friday night I love to prepare a good diner for the 2 of us and enjoy the sofa, Netflix and a good wine. On Saturday morning, we will wait up for a ligh breakfast and do sports, generally afterwards on the weekends we may go out for lunch or dinner and enjoy a couple of beers, but we would not drink during the week and for sure always avoiding any drinking level that implies unpleasant consequences. Smoking is absolutely out of the equation, as any other drug. 

Just spending time with friends around a table has brought me the best moments, where we could spend hours talking nonsense and laughing really badly. I am an easy smile person, I would say there was a day I did not laugh. 

Years ago Primoz pushed me to learn to Ski, and that has transformed me in a winter person. I cannot wait for the snow to fall knowing it means ski time! I am still a terrible skier, but praxis makes the master, so I will keep on trying. It is just such a brilliant family activity. 

2018 Skiing in France, Mont Blanc in the background.

It is a lot to say about how do we imagine our future, but that would be better described further along next lines….HERE